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Clinical Psychologist, MAPS, Assoc MCCLP

PhD (Clin Psych); BPsych (Hons)

I am an endorsed Clinical Psychologist with AHPRA, a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Associate Member of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists (CCLP) and member of APS interest groups for trauma and psychology, EMDR, Psychoanalytically oriented psychology, and child, adolescent and family psychology. I have been practicing as a psychologist for more than 10 years across varied settings including NSW Health, community, NGO, inpatient, private practice and research settings. 

Following the receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award I commenced my research at the Priority Research Centre for Brain and Mental Health and the Family Interaction and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Laboratory (FINDLab) at the University of Newcastle). My research [Here's looking at you, kid: Relationships between mothers' visual scanning, parental reflective functioning, emotional availability and child development] explored relationships between a mother's visual scanning behaviours and their mental health, and related parameters of emotional availability and parental reflective functioning with their infant baby. Strongly grounded in attachment theory, this foundation has seen me subsequently take on roles in which attachment relationships are the focus, including working with young people and families, in child abuse and neglect sectors, and with adults impacted by early attachment experiences or having difficulty in relationships. My training in family therapy was completed in the United States, in the Functional Family Therapy for Child Welfare (FFT-CW) evidence-based model, that focuses on build skills in families to break intergenerational patterns or overcome day-to-day challenges. 

More recently, my earlier PhD research in visual scanning and visuocognitive strategies and extensive experience treating trauma has led to extending my training in EMDR intervention for specific trauma, early attachment trauma and developmental needs strategies. 

In addition to working with clients in my practice in Paddington, I provide supervision to early-career psychologists and mental health practitioners seeking to improve their reflective practice and competency in delivering evidence-based intervention and building efficacious treatment plans.  I have also provided consultation towards the delivery of evidence-based programs in the NGO sector and held sessional academic roles.

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